I had the pleasure of visiting the Coca Cola Bottling Company Northeast located in Bedford New Hampshire. I was able to learn more about the company and all of the great things that they do for our community and what they are committed to per their mission statement.

I met with President Mark Francoeur, Susannah Smith, Senior Director of Public Affairs and Communications, and Steve Burroughs, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Part of their mission statement reads:

“While treating its customers to different flavors, Coca Cola also goes further to put a smile on the faces of its customers and their communities through its outreach programs. The idea of the company to use promotional programs to generate funds for supporting developmental agendas in communities, including education, healthcare, and infrastructure. For instance, the company has a give initiative where it mobilizes investors and other stakeholders to donate for a good course in society. Most importantly, Coca Cola has never neglected its corporate social responsibilities for over a century, making it a people’s company. In fact, it has been involved in numerous environmental reclamation and protection activities demonstrating its undying commitment”