HINSDALE, N.H. — As plans stand now for the new Hinsdale-to-Brattleboro bridge, a stoplight at Route 119 and the entrance to George’s Field will be removed.

“The old signal has to go because we are realigning the intersection,” said Mark Moran, contract administrator for the New Hampshire Department of Transportation. “I don’t have anything in the plans for putting new signals in. I do, however, have plans to put conduit in in case that intersection ever has to be signalized.”

Ricciardi, the chairwoman of the Senate Committee on Transportation and the vice chairwoman of the Senate Committee on Commerce, traveled from her hometown of Bedford to get a look at the site and agreed a stoplight is essential for this location.

“I don’t like taking no for an answer, not when I’m trying to right a wrong for the people,” she said. “So my anticipation is I’m going to get that signal light here.”

Ricciardi said she is in contact with the office of Gov. Chris Sununu and hopes to bring DOT Commissioner William Cass to Hinsdale so he can see for himself the necessity for a stoplight.

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