Senator Denise Ricciardi for NH Senate 9 (R-Bedford) issued the following statement on the passing of SB 580-FN, relative to establishing a noise barrier on Teaberry Lane in Bedford:

“This bipartisan solution creates a new funding stream to construct noise barriers in communities that do not qualify under existing federal eligibility rules. But the noise from our highways remains a real concern. This approach allows the New Hampshire Department of Transportation to use turnpike toll credits to fund the construction of noise barriers to protect New Hampshire neighborhoods. I want to thank Senators Watters, Gray, and Birdsell for helping to craft a solution for communities across New Hampshire that had fallen through the cracks in the current system.”

Background: As amended by the Senate, SB 580 would authorize the Transportation Commission to use up to $10 million in Turnpike Toll Credits annually for a Noise Barrier Construction Fund serving communities that are not otherwise eligible for federal highway funds. The bill now goes to the Senate Finance Committee.