Senate Safeguards New Hampshire’s Clean Water Supply

CONCORD, NH – Senator Denise Ricciardi (R-Bedford), released the following statement on the passing of HB 1415, relative to PFAS facility liability:

“PFAS has been an issue in New Hampshire for too long and we are taking steps to remedy this issue. This bipartisan bill has two goals. The first is to reduce Granite Stater’s exposure to PFAS chemicals from facilities that pollute the air, soil, surface water, and groundwater. The second goal is to require that when PFAS facilities have caused water contamination, owners and operators of such facilities need to properly decontaminate these facilities and equipment to meet the related federal regulations.

Dealing with these harmful chemicals helps limit further water contamination for Granite State families and protects our vital natural resources. This bill is necessary for keeping PFAS out of New Hampshire and keeping harmful chemicals away from Granite Staters.”

Background: HB 1415 requires owners and operators of PFAS facilities that cause contamination of either groundwater or surface water over 100 parts per trillion must meet requirements for closure,
decommission, and equipment of facilities. Facilities need to make sure the closure or decommission of the facility controls, minimizes, or eliminates the release of PFAS to groundwater, surface water, and air.

Media Contact:
Peter O’Neill, Communications Director